Major Powers and the Contested Evolution of a Responsibility to Protect

Philipp Rotmann, Thorsten Benner, Wolfgang Reinicke (eds.)
Special issue of Conflict, Security & Development

Effective and Responsible Protection from Atrocity Crimes: Toward Global Action

Thorsten Benner, Sarah Brockmeier, Erna Burai, C.S.R. Murthy, Christopher Daase, J. Madhan Mohan, Julian Junk, Xymena Kurowska, Gerrit Kurtz, Liu Tiewa, Wolfgang Reinicke, Philipp Rotmann, Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, Matias Spektor, Oliver Stuenkel, Marcos Tourinho, Harry Verhoeven, Zhang Haibin
Available in English, 中文, Português

About this Project

Joining the United States, Europe and Russia as major powers, countries like Brazil, China, India and South Africa are demanding greater influence on the global order. As a result, global norms such as sovereignty and non-intervention are evolving in an increasingly contested way. The debate about a responsibility to protect civilians from mass atrocities is a prime example of this dynamic. To examine this process of norm evolution, researchers at seven academic institutions in Europe, Brazil, China and India collaborated in a project called Global Norm Evolution and the Responsibility to Protect. More